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LOVES making you smile
because of them



that girl

Lindsay has had this passion for baking since childhood. Her inspiration is drawn from her Caribbean roots through her mother’s authentic recipes. Every family gathering was perfumed by her mom’s fabulous delights….that’s exactly what she wants to achieve through Sucre Brun.  The  desire to convey the feelings of love, and happiness she received from her mother through desserts.

Portrait of Lindsay from Sucre Brun holding white flowers next to her head
Lindsay of Sucre Brun with her hands up under an appletree with white flowers
Lindsay Sucre Brun holds her wide skirt near and appletree
Turquoise- Sucre Brun

Our mission

Sucre Brun offers her customers a delectable lifestyle for all their special occasions. We want our selection of gourmet and healthy products to be savored without remorse by our epicurean disciples.By choosing the sublime Sucre Brun products, we want to offer the possibility to our customers to express gratitude and affection to their guests.

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