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Born out of victory...


meant to motivate!


Turquoise- Sucre Brun

Meet the founder 

Lindsay Brun

Foodie , cook and one of the winners (season 1) of the food compétition show 'Wall of Chefs' on Foodnetwork Canada, is passionnate about everything salty and sweet.  She  wants to inspire you to chase your dreams, go onward and forward and to follow your arrow.  Ann Alé!!!

Every piece is created by her so you can rest assured they're are always Lindsay-approved!  Wear them and create your own style! 

Ann Alé!!


I uttered these words in one the most signifiant events f or me in 2020 ... My participation in the Wall of Chefs food competiton!!!!  I put myself out there, I faced my fears and realiazd one of my dreams to actually cook on TV !!!  And guess what...I WON !!!!


With that experience I know I can do anything I put my mind to ... I'm ready for more ...ANN ALÉ !!

Ann alé

mean let's go in Creole.  

My story


The Ann Alé clothing brand was created to inspire you to go beyond your limits. The up arrow is indicative ... let's go or I should say Ann Alé and chase your dreams !!

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